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2020 Annual Report

150 Years of Continental

2020 Annual Report


Report on Risks and Opportunities

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The overall situation is analyzed and managed corporate-wide using the risk and opportunity management system.

The management of Continental is geared toward permanently increasing the value of each individual business unit. We evaluate risks and opportunities responsibly and on an ongoing basis in order to achieve our goal of adding value.

We define risk as the possibility of internal or external events occurring that can have a negative influence on the attainment of our strategic and operational targets. As a global corporation, Continental is exposed to a number of different risks, in particular due to the transformation in the mobility industry, that could impair business and, in extreme cases, threaten the company’s existence. At the same time, this transformation also presents opportunities that we intend to consistently seize, as described in the Strategy of the Continental Group section. We accept manageable risks if the resulting opportunities are expected to result in sustainable growth in value. We consider growth in value in terms of the Continental Value Contribution (CVC) system described in the Corporate Management section.