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2020 Annual Report

150 Years of Continental

2020 Annual Report


Sustainability Management

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Continental’s sustainability ambition
In fiscal 2020, the Executive Board adopted a new sustainability ambition with the aim of advancing the company’s transformation process in the area of sustainability. In the four focus areas of sustainability, we are committed to our strong, visionary ambitions, which we want to achieve by 2050 at the latest together with our partners along the value chain. The ambitions are set out in the following sections on carbon neutrality, emission-free mobility and industries, circular economy, and responsible value chain. Continental’s entire sustainability ambition can also be found at www.continental-sustainability.com/downloads. The sustainability ambition is based upon existing programs and processes, which it complements and gradually develops further.

Sustainability management
The Executive Board member for Human Relations and Sustainability serves as chief sustainability officer (CSO). The Sustainability group function overseen by the CSO is responsible for sustainability management, including management of an interdepartmental committee. Sustainability organization is further supplemented by dedicated coordinators in the group sectors and business areas. Some of these organizational units also have their own interdepartmental sustainability committees.

In fiscal 2019, Continental introduced a sustainability scorecard for the Continental Group in order to measure progress in the area of sustainability. The scorecard defines the current key performance indicators for individual sustainability topics and represents the formal basis for integrating sustainability into other corporate processes. In fiscal 2020, for example, key performance indicators for sustainability were integrated into the long-term remuneration components (long-term incentive plan – LTI) of the Executive Board and global managers. For more information, see the remuneration report starting on page 27 of this annual report.