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2021 Annual Report

Progress Arises from Change.

2021 Annual Report


Statement on Overall Risk and Opportunities Situation

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In the opinion of the Executive Board, the overall risk situation of the Continental Group has not changed significantly in the past fiscal year.

How long the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences thereof will continue to have an effect on the automotive industry and the macroeconomic situation remains to be seen.

However, the analysis for the year under review did not reveal any risks, either at the balance sheet date or at the time the annual financial statements were prepared, that individually or collectively pose a threat to the company or the Continental Group as a going concern. In the opinion of the Executive Board, there are also no discernible risks to the Continental Group as a going concern in the foreseeable future.

Considering the material opportunities, the overall risk assessment for the Continental Group presents a reasonable risk and opportunities situation to which our risk-containment measures and our corporate strategy have been aligned accordingly.